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$400MM AUM | $125,000 GDC in Chicago, IL

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Chicago, IL, US
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We are an asset manager looking to engage advisory businesses that are looking to sell, merge, or succeed their firm. We have a robust compliance system, along with a state of the art technology platform used to implement investment strategies to multiple clients. We have over 40 years of combined experience in the markets developing trading strategies for investors. We also utilize Sharpe Award winning technology to select asset classes in order to best manage risk for ___ investment strategies can also be licensed to firms looking to consolidate their money managers and traders, in order to provide an innovative and cost effective investment solution for clients. Although we are agnostic to the BD used by clients, we do also have a couple strong relationships with a BD, if a new affiliation is necessary. Please contact me at ___ if you are interested in having a further conversation.

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