We are interested in a firm that is considering merging or selling their practice. Our end goal is to merge and grow in our existing business channels. We currently work with multiple platforms and have a long standing relationship with a number of key referral programs. We would like to learn more about your practice and also give you the chance to learn about us as a firm, as partners and our employees. We know that there are exciting opportunities ahead for us and we would like to find out if you and your practice will be part of our next chapter. Please understand that culture, integrity and commitment is of extreme importance with our firm.
Our firm is Signet Financial Management LLC and we are a Registered Investment Advisory firm located in Parsippany, NJ and currently have offices in Reston VA (DC metro area), Fort Lauderdale and Naples, FL and Chapel Hill, NC. We are a nationally recognized firm with clients throughout the US, with a high concentration in NY/NJ and FL. We have been in business since 1987. We are a wealth management firm with in-house money management capabilities that provides personalized financial planning and investment management services. Clients-including families, high-net-worth individuals, retirement plans (401ks), trusts, corporations and LLCs come to us for specialized knowledge. Our areas of expertise are in individual stocks, options and fixed income.

We have a very tailored approach to investing, and have developed multiple strategies to help our clients navigate through their different phases of life, while at the same time navigate the different market cycles. We have a team seasoned financial analysts, certified planners, and relationship managers, with a total of 21 employees.

• 5 Certified Financial Planners
• 2 Chartered Financial Analysts
• 3 MBAs and 2 MS in Computer Science and Econometrics
• $740MM AUM

We recognize that choosing the right firm with a succession plan or a merger is a difficult decision to make and it is important to make sure the result will be seamless to the client and a financially sound decision for all parties involved. That is why we decided to go through a third party like Succession Plan to help us find firms that have a similar business, thought process, and client base.

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