Fee-only money management firm helping clients near or in retirement attain peace of mind through sound, globally diversified portfolio construction and full service financial planning. We treat our clients using the Golden Rule, and build relationships that we expect to last a lifetime. We've been in business since 1994, and still have many clients from the day we began. We think outside the box, and look to minimize client expenses as much as possible. We also provide the opportunity to have our clients utilize us to have their tax returns prepared by our on-staff CPA, but don't require it or treat it as a profit center. Whatever we can do to make our clients' lives easier, we'll try to do. We're looking to buy other firms with similar philosophies and client makeup, or merge smaller, good-hearted advisers into our own practice. If you want a firm that will treat your clients with the care they deserve, we may be the right place to look.

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