We are a team of friendly, generous, fiduciary wealth mangers. Any one of us may go on vacation and know that any other wealth manager here could care for one of our clients in our absence. Our client care team frees up our wealth managers’ time to focus on providing our clients an exceptional experience that generates many happy returns in countless ways, including referrals.

We are dually registered, meaning we have both our own SEC RIA and we are a branch office of a local broker dealer, Geneos Wealth Management. Our relationship with Geneos Wealth Management allows registered representatives to gather the fee-based assets in alignment with our clients’ values and still be paid trails/commissions. Geneos is an award-winning B/D and also located in Colorado, giving us other benefits and resources as well. That being said, over 90% of our revenue comes from our independent, SEC-registered RIA and we want to work with people with a similar business model, mindset and client-service approach.

We guard our caring, team culture and don’t allow just anyone to join us. Learn more about our team at ___ . Additionally, some of the financial information is in Succession Link.

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