$120MM AUM | $1.4MM GDC in Glendale, AZ

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We are looking to help brokers that want to transition out of the industry, work in a no pressure enviornment, earn great compensation or sell and transition their books to a team of highly skilled advisers with the intent of sun-setting out of the industry. Amerprise provides a succession plan that will allow for continued commissions throughout retirement for brokers that are in our particular franchise system. We have recently helped several advisors retire on their terms. We have a top of the line office location with the willingness to expand as needed. We have funds available for book purchases, transitions, and temporary salaries. We have a proven service model for our clients and that has lead to a model of continued asset and production growth over the last 9 years. We are specifically looking for individuals that want to grow their practices, make good money, and run their books the way they want to run them.

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