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My name is Marko Jocic and I work for Red Oak Partners, LLC, an SEC registered investment advisory firm, a South Florida real estate private equity firm. Established in 2007 with approximately $150 million of assets under management, Red Oak Partners, LLC, provides investment management, financial planning, tax planning, estate planning, and retirement planning for individuals, corporations, trusts, and other entities.

As you know, many investment clients are aging and need a smooth transition to tax efficient income producing products. Unfortunately, a large percentage of investment advisors are not portfolio managers, and fewer actually understand asset allocation. We build portfolios utilizing principles guiding Modern Portfolio Theory, relying on many of the same ideas that in 1990 won three academics the Nobel Prize for Economics. At our core, we are traditional value investors following many of the ideas that shape the Fama/French three-factor model. We are uniquely suited in portfolio wealth management as well as tax issues.

If you are considering selling your business, now or in the next several years, or just want to talk with a prospective buyer or a merger partner, we would like to talk with you. As we have done with our clients, we will provide prudent and diligent care of your client’s assets, and they will look at us as added value to what you have spent so much time and effort building.

I am interested in the continued happiness of your clients and as well as learning what is important to you as your exit strategy. For that reason I am willing to consider many options that you may find very attractive. I am flexible with the purchase agreement, terms, and timing of your exit strategy. For example, I would welcome your continued involvement in the firm as we transition your clients to their new management.

I would welcome the opportunity to visit your office and introduce myself, host a lunch at a restaurant convenient for you, or begin a conversation on the phone.

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