Our practice consists of two equity partners with about 40 years of combined advisory experience. We also have three staff members, one who is registered and one who is very part time and does mostly project work. We have one non equity junior advisor as well as an in house insurance expert who offers individual and group health and life policies to many of our retirement plan clients. We are currently 60% fee based 40% commission based with a consistent shift towards the fee based side of our business. We expect to increase fee and decrease commission by about 10% each year and anticipate being 100% fee within the next 5 years . Approximately 50% of our business is in 401(k) and other qualified and non qualified retirement plans the remainder in wealth management, and insurance. We have developed a nice niche in the small business retirement plan market place and that portion of our business has been growing at a very nice pace for the last few years. We are looking to grow through acquisition. We may be willing to entertain the idea of a merger but only as it relates to us taking over the entire practice after a short period as part of a succession plan.

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