We have a fee-based financial planning and wealth management firm in Houston, TX. We are looking to network with advisors that are looking for a succession plan. Should you consider us as your successor, you will find us to be proactive, client focused, and able to care for your clients as you have.

Most of our clients are business owners, high level executives, and employees in the energy, petro-chemical, and aerospace sectors. Many of our clients work for Exxon, Lockheed Martin, Dow, Chevron, ConnocoPhillips, and CPChem.

We have 3 total team members, including 2 CFPs and work with approximately 110 clients. We focus on simplifying our clients' lives and giving them confidence about reaching their goals through personal and proactive communication and holistic advice. Client advisory board meetings are held semi-annually to help us improve our services, processes, and implementation of new ideas.

99% of our revenue is fee-based - 15% planning fees, 85% mix of wrap fees, level annuity trails, mutual fund trails, and insurance . Our priorities are 1) purchasing a practice 2) establishing a relationship with advisors looking to transition out in the next 1-5 years 3) merging with advisors who want to work for a couple more years but want to partner with their successor and start transitioning

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