Prime Financial Strategies, Inc. (PFS or the Firm) was incorporated in 1989 in Colorado and is a Colorado Registered Investment Advisor. The firm is owned by Jeffrey B. and Jean C. Marks. Our primary service under this registration is full-spectrum financial, retirement, and estate
planning, although we also provide some insurance products and services. Ours is a multi-generational family business which gives us a perspective to be Your Family Financial Firm. We consider ourselves a “Life Long Planning” firm, meaning we work with clients and their families “from cradle to grave” and on to legacy. Most of our clients come to us via referral from other clients or businesses. Many then bring their parents and children into our planning firm for multi-generational planning. Our approach and primary focus of all aspects of the planning process is on education, both in group classes, and in our conference room, one-on-one. We also on occasion may offer educational seminars and may charge a nominal tuition for attendance.

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