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The Blueprint Wealth Alliance is a growing RIA firm made up of several advisors working together to build their respective practices by utilizing the same infrastructure, trading systems, and technology. This team-based approach enables us to grow quicker due to scale.

The two co-founders are thought leaders in the industry who are widely known in the lecture circuit due to their advanced planning knowledge. They express their expertise by teaching classes at local community colleges, educating advisors on advanced IRA & Estate Planning strategies, as well as providing CPA's with classes that offer CE credits. Because of this, we have been growing quickly as advisors want to be part of our team to leverage this wellspring of knowledge.

Blueprint offers a range of financial services including financial planning consulting, asset management and insurance solutions. Our consulting clients pay a flat fee based on how much work and advice is need whether per hour, per month, or per year. Topics covered include all areas of personal financial planning covered by the CFP curriculum.

Our fee-based asset manage services include portfolios that we run leveraging the custodial services of Schwab and TD Ameritrade with other custodians to follow. Performance reporting is achieved by utilizng Orion Advisor Services. Investment models offered include low-cost strategic ETF's, tactical-rotation strategies, income strategies, individual stock or bond portfolios, precious metals, and finally alternative long/short hedge funds strategies by outsourcing to the fund directly (not a mutual fund). For smaller accounts, we also have created our own robo-technology through Scwab.

Our insurance services include life, disability, long term care as well as P&C. We don't believe it is prudent to outsource this to another firm and therefore do receive commissions on these lines of business. We have also formed partnerships with GA's who receive specialized pricing for life insurance that enables us to outperform our competition.

Our clientele range from young Millenials who are being charged consultative fees due to low asset levels all the way to multi-million dollar baby-boomer households. Our advisors have no formal asset minimum as we want to grow our client base with no hard minimum but instead charging a flat fee. It is our conviction that those clients will grow with the firm over time.

We are looking for two things: to buy existing practices as well to merge with existing advisors. In terms of buying books of business - we will arrive at a fair valuation of your firm and our ultimate goal is to grow your revenue if the deal is structured over a several year-payout.

For mergers, we are confident we can help you increase profitability, scale, and grow your financial planning knowledge. By outsourcing all asset management duties, you will have extra time to market. We also have a tremendous amount of marketing strategies available to us to grow.

Top priorities in finding a match in either scenario is to feel confident that the transaction results in a win-win for both parties. Our advisors have the capacity to service many more clients with the sole focus of delivering high quality advice which will result in more client referrals and assets raised. As long as doing the right thing for clients is your priority, our firms are a good match for a sale/merger.

We are well-versed in these transactions and are open to different paths for the former owner/seller. In terms of what happens prior to and post the transaction is really whatever you are most comfortable with as long as we feel it will lead to happy clients and a win-win for both firms.

We look forward to connecting with you soon. Please call David Warshaw at (___-___-____. Our website is ___ Please pardon the appearance as we are doing a major revamping of the site.

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