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My goal is a comprehensive fee based planning relationship with all my clients. While planning is the key focus, about half of my clients are wealth management only. I have acquired groups of clients in the past with a very high client retention rate. I am part of a two advisor team, with 3 support staff, with over 66 years of total experience. (My succession link profile lists only my individual clients / assets). Our current office also has room to add up to three people, if we find the right opportunity. I am a Certified Financial Planner, Certified in Long Term Care, and Certified Kingdom Advisor. I am looking to grow by buying an existing practice. My current B/D has an excellent program to help you transition your clients to me and move to retirement at your own pace, with whatever financial terms work for you. I am actively looking for a practice in Appleton, Green Bay, Milwaukee or Madison areas. My existing support staff makes it very easy to split my time with two office locations.

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