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Matt B. Irwin is a Financial Advisor with Ameriprise Financial. He is in his 20th year of practice, starting first with American Express Financial Advisors then with Ameriprise Financial. Currently Amerirpise recognizes him as a Platinum Financial Services advisor. Matt is currently licensed in 13 states and holds both a CHfC and APMA designation.

His trailing 12 month GDC is approximately $780,000 and he has approximately 63 million AUM.

Matt works mostly with retiree's on their financial planning needs, both leading up to and during retirement. He manages all client portfolio's in-house using wrap accounts rather than outsourcing through 3rd party money managers. Nearly all of his client investment accounts are discretionary. He advocates a tactical investment approach that features mostly ETF's and individual stocks with some bond mutual funds. He further utilizes "callable yield notes" for a sub-set of his clients that desire increased yield (with increased risk) over conventional bond funds.

Matt does not have a hard AUM minimum, but rather chooses to work with those people who 1) desire advice, 2) are coachable, 3) are willing to pay for that advice and, 4) are a pleasure to do business with. Sometimes those individuals are just starting out and Matt's philosophy is not to exclude those folks simply due to their AUM status.

Matt spent many years building up his client base through good 'ol fashioned hard work and cold calling (pre-do not call list!), but acquires all new clients now through referrals.

Finally, Matt lives in Dallas with his wife and 2 young kids. He enjoys investments and investment strategy, physical fitness, native plant gardening, and carrying for his native box turtle "colony". Several Terrapene Ornata Ornata call his backyard home!

Matt's goal on Succession Link is to find those advisors who are looking to sell and/or locate a successor as they transition out of their business and want a competent and trust worthy advisor to take their place.

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