I am an independent financial advisor with 3 assistants. My firm has a wonderful reputation, because I always put the client first. I do not use high commission products. I have large network of referral sources (attorneys, CPAs, and existing clients) that continuously refer me business. However, I am so busy that I can’t take on many more clients without another advisor to help me. So, I would be able to give you clients.

I am looking for someone that has not been treated fairly by their firm. You have a small group of clients, and you would like to leave your firm. You would like to share resources and office costs. Additionally, you would like to add more clients to your business. You may even be nervous about losing some of your clients at your existing firm, and I can help you minimize this loss.

- Small book of business.
- You must have some experience in our business and at least one security license (Series 7, Series 6, Series 63, Series 65, Series 66, CFP).
- You must be able to pass extensive FBI background check with fingerprints (SEC requirement).
- Clean U4. No exceptions.
- You must have your own finances in order. We will pull your credit. If you have recurring credit card debt, you will be disqualified.
- I will give you clients, but you must be a hard worker.
- I may be willing to pay a short-term transition assistance. However, if you are looking for a cushy salaried job, this is not for you.

***All inquiries will remain confidential***

Please contact me if you have any interest, or if you no someone that is interested.

Dustin Rinaldi
Rinaldi Wealth Management
Bonita Springs
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