Whether you are currently an advisor within UBS or are open to the idea of transitioning to a major firm for your succession plan we believe that our team, Aurora Wealth Management at UBS, is worthy of your consideration.

When looking for a team to service your clients after you've transitioned to your next phase is a very complex and nuanced venture. However, in true financial advisor fashion we'll attempt to distill this down to a few key and brief considerations to at least start the conversation. Quality, experience, longevity, scale and of course financial.

In this consideration I'm referring to a multitude of factors that you'd expect from an acquirer and your clients deserve. Such as a defined service process, a commitment to financial planning and a 'risk first' investment approach.

Our senior partner Buck Adams has over 20 years in the business and a track record of success. Chad Adams, the team's 'youngster', has 11 years in the business and has earned the trust of their clients ranging from private planning engagements to institutional level investment asset management. Our service lead, Meghan Antonucci, has provided clients with a red carpet level of service since coming into the industry over a decade ago and joining the team. We are also working towards on-boarding additional advisory partners and service members to further expand our capabilities. So, regardless of your business mix we most likely have experience and success in serving your kind of clients. With that said, we have the integrity to be up front with you if we do not believe that we are good fit to service your clients for whatever reason.

We believe from an succession standpoint this is one of our greatest strengths. It seems in many deals the acquirer is either fairly new to the business or will be retiring in the not too distant future themselves. With Aurora Wealth Management your able to get the best of both worlds because our advisors are experienced and as Chad is only 31, he has a long career ahead of him.

This aspect is where we feel being at a company like UBS is an advantage. Granted, wirehouses carry a stigma these days in our world but we believe that our firm has taken great strides in positioning itself to strike a balance between the leverage of size and the nimbleness of a boutique. For example, we have team members based in Washington who are focused on assisting in and delivering the financial planning process.

At a team level we employ discretionary portfolio management to ensure that our clients of all sizes get our best ideas and have embraced technology so that we can take care of clients currently across 23 states. We also travel frequently between Alaska, Washington and Colorado therefore servicing a regional business is a straight forward proposition for us. Additionally, should your business require a higher degree of service and/or advisory representation we are open to expanding our capabilities.

Of course, a transition has to make financial sense on both sides. We feel that structuring a phased transition plan is in the best interest of both parties to ensure that clients are properly cared for, relationships are solidified and to provide the deal with best opportunity to perform for all parties.

As with any successful relationship in this industry, we really should just have a chat to see if we are good fit for each other and build from there.

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