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We are looking for individuals to join our firm in the following specific circumstances:

(1) An advisor specialized and focused on deferred compensation plans, defined benefit plans, and other services to businesses. In this role you would be THE advisor on our team working with companies, and we would support your work through marketing, referrals, and operational support.

(2) A young advisor, new to the business, looking for a steady flow of new client opportunities, either to supplement the advisor's rainmaking efforts or because advisor prefers not to be a producing advisor at all.

(3) A merger for purposes of creating a more scaleable and efficient long-term growth model.

(4) A producing generalist advisor working in a wirehouse structure (or in any capacity where your payout is much lower than you prefer) who desires the ability to be (a) independent; (b) involved with a small but structured and growing team; and (c) focused on working directly with families on financial and retirement planning.

In all circumstances we are open to assisting with transition planning.

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