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I seek to acquire $30M to $200M fee-only AUM in Orange County CA, ideally via purchase. Can fold your clients into our existing $400+M AUM firm, or consider assuming your office, staff, advisers, etc. for larger transactions. Flexible and realistic terms available depending on your desires around length of time we assess fit before committing, length of transition and extent of your ongoing involvement, size of down payment, and length and terms of promissory note or earnout. We lead with financial planning, and keep it a core focus. Four major client groups at present are business owners, pre-retirement, the actual retirement transition decisions, and post-retirement management. Typical client is in fifties with $1M to $3M AUM. Our local adviser who would work with your clients and staff has 20+ years client-facing experience, CFP(R), CFA, MBA from Booth (U of Chicago), plus ops, compliance, and management expertise. He connects will with women as well as men and is very consultative, educational, motivational, not "sales-y". He has extensive expertise in complicated corporate benefits and stock plans, as well as deep knowledge of rental real estate issues and estate transfer techniques. Efficient service is facilitated by extensive tech including CRM, portfolio accounting and reporting, automation-assisted rebalancing, account aggregation, and of course financial planning with client portal (for both assets and the financial plan). Currently, our clients' AUM are about 85% in core passive funds at TD Ameritrade, with about 15% at same custodian using an inexpensive outside tactical manager (for those clients who want something more active and/or crash avoidance). Our local adviser is highly motivated to buy or build a good group of clients to service. He's very personable, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and process-oriented, so your clients will be in very good hands. And your reputation, and note payments will be on very solid ground. Please reach out and let's start a conversation! I look forward to talking with you. --Tom

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