We are a fast-growing modern private asset management firm founded in 2010 by a group of senior financial professionals and ultra high net worth persons. We cater to the complex needs of US and international wealthy families. Our typical clients are successful entrepreneur/executives, their spouses and children. In addition to wealth planning services we offer our proprietary portfolio management. We have a deep expertise in hedge fund-like equity strategies and niche income securities.

Our SEC register investment advisory firm along with our our affiliate company manage a combined $180MM in AUM and 80 relationships. Our average client size is just above $2MM. We are a fee-only advisor. Our US clients are concentrated in the Tri-State area, in Florida and California. Our international clients are in Europe and South America. Our clients are high net worth baby boomers. When dealing with their families we engage spouses and children. We are making a strong push to grow in the "millennial" demographic.

Our priorities are 1) to broaden our service offering to include more in-depth financial planning 2) to keep on enhancing our portfolio and risk management skills 3) to expand both organically and though M&A 4) to develop a new digital advisory platform for younger clients.

We are looking to merge with other firms/professionals with a similar culture. We would like the partners to stay on board for a period of 3 to 5 years while we integrate our businesses. We have successfully acquired other registered investment advisers and ensured a smooth transition.

We are flexible in structuring transactions. Our shareholders, coming from banking and real estate dynasties, have very deep pockets and are committed to the success of our business.

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