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I specialize in comprehensive financial planning and retirement income planning. I am interested in growing my practice by acquiring external practices. I am relatively young (36 years old) and highly qualified (CFA, CFP® , 13 years experience in securities business, went through the Great Recession). I provide a compelling story for a selling/retiring advisor to tell their clients that they will be in good hands with me as their successor. I have a very efficient staff (3 full time team members in 2 locations - Natchez, MS & Vicksburg, MS) that are capable of absorbing, onboarding, and delivering world class service to clients. My team has experience in onboarding large blocks of new clients as we have successfully transferred in over $70MM in client assets over the past few years. I am financially capable of acquiring practices and give selling advisors peace of mind that as their counterparty I will be able to afford the transaction (I will personally do about $1MM in GDC this year). I am well positioned to smoothly and successfully acquire retiring advisor practices and give them peace of mind that their clients will be well cared for.

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