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My partners & I have 30+ years of experience in the financial services industry. Although we are older and more experienced, we are still growing our practice through marketing and acquisitions, and plan to continue in practice for the next 5-8+ years. Our group partners include a CFP and we are Series 65 licensed. Our practice typically focuses on retired or approaching-retirement individuals, thus our marketing identity: "The Retirement Professionals". We do approx. $10-12 million annually in FIA premium and market through the Annexus Group, which gives us unique products which are generally not available on the street, backed up by insurance carriers such as Athene & Nationwide. Our service/product mix comprised managed money (RIA & IAR relationships) and we use the TD Ameritrade platform for our managed accounts & execution. We made a conscious decision last year to "retire" our Series 7 licenses, as we have grown our practice to the point where we simply do NOT sell securities or securities products (mutual funds, REITs, variable, etc.). Consequently, we are not securities licensed, and feel no need to ever re-register. Through our RIA/IAR collaborations, we are able to provide unbiased advice AND execution, both on a financial planning and allocation basis.

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