I currently am sole owner at a small asset management and financial planning firm. My primary focus is on fee based asset management and financial planning. I am a CFP® I am looking to buy, merge, or find a successor for continuation purposes. I primarily use Dimensional Funds and ETF's in my asset management. I provide financial planning for all my clients who want it using eMoney. I am looking for a partner more than anything. Someone I can trust to work with my clients if I am unavailable. I can add to my business anyone who is looking to go independent, especially those who want to continue to grow their book, but may feel they are too small to be added to any RIA aggregator or large firm. I am looking for fee based only partners, no commissions. If you have an insurance license, that is okay.

So if you have a book under $10 mm AUM and are looking to join someone with potential of successorship, please contact me.

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