Small independent practice with great emphasis on selection of investments to meet the needs of clients. Skilled manager of equity based accounts in variable annuities, mutual funds, ETF's and individual stocks.

I am looking for two or three younger advisors to join me as a partnership with the ultimate plan to acquire my book of business over the next 3 to 10 years.

I have experience in estate planning, multiple stock and ETF selection strategies, management of variable annuity sub accounts and management of open architecture accounts. Use of fundamental and technical analysis has been implemented for 12 years now.

During the last bear market my accounts beat the market by over 35%. By beating i mean loss much less than the over 50% broad market loss.

Ultimately, i have a balance of using alternative investments as complimentary assets to managed variable annuity, ETF, individual stocks and open end funds to lower volatility and enhance returns for my clients.

I intend to merge with some younger advisors who are willing to learn advance strategies in portfolio construction and management and ultimately being my successor.

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