I am part of a comprehensive financial planning and wealth management RIA open to the purchase of an existing practice. We consider ourselves a destination firm for advisors and clients! I see significant value to my clients in the development of long term advice-based relationships. As a CFP(r) and having multiple publications in national trade magazines, I hope to instill confidence in the families and businesses I serve as their trusted advisor. For the past 20 years, I have surrounded myself with a great team of advisors and specialists that give my clients the necessary confidence to allow us to help them blaze a path for financial success.

I oversee $65MM in assets for approximately 160 households. Our firm oversees over $200M. Many of our clients are in the medical profession (doctors, dentist, pharmacists) as well as small business owners - Hard working professionals that built and created their wealth through strategic saving and planning with targeted goals and taking calculated risks. My planning process is designed to help people think outside of the traditional retirement planning box and motivate the client to take action toward accomplishing things most people do not give much thought to or simply leave to fate.

In considering the purchase of a practice and carrying on the selling advisor legacy, I am looking for a partner in the transition. Not someone to hand over the keys and walk way, but an advocate who can transfer the trust he/she has developed with her clients to myself and my team, giving the client the security they need and want, knowing they are starting a new relationship with a total stranger. Having gone through this process once already, I found a great deal of value to the client base for that total transition to possibly take up to a year or two, sometimes longer. Some transitions take place much sooner. Having the selling advisor involved personally in the transition does take time, but truly helps the client feel good about the hand off and is in their best interest.

In the end, I understand that you have developed long term friendships with many of your clients. You built your business and you likely do not want to see it fall apart. My ultimate goal is to serve the client's needs first. In doing that, the seller's legacy is preserved and new relationships are formed giving the client confidence that they will have a trusted advisor for the rest of their life...a win win win!

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