In the next yr I will be looking to join a practice that is desirous of adding a seasoned financial planner to ensure continuity/succession. I have lived in AZ, VA, TX, NJ, GA so am willing to relocate. Many years ago I was in the Army too as an infantryman, so I'm certainly open to change

I have nearly 20 years experience. Started with Vanguard in 1998. Received CFP in 2006 and MS in Personal Financial Planning in 2010. Very much enjoy focusing on complete financial planning to include looking at 1040s, estate planning documents, life insurance inforce illustrations as I feel this is way overlooked in client meetings.

For investments, I prefer low cost, ideally low turnover funds and ETFs. Absolutely do not want a client to get hit with a tax bill because of a fund having large distributions relative to NAV.

I am very client friendly. In my current role, for which I've been in for nearly ten years, I have received more positive surveys than any of my peers, by far. I am always willing to engage with clients, CPAs, attorneys and other advisors.

Asking for business is not something I shy away from either. I have done seminars all over the East Coast for the past 5 years and have spoken at many civic groups as well.

If you are interested in speaking with me, it would be my pleasure. Please just contact me at your convenience.



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