Four Peaks Wealth Management is a locally owned and operated asset management company. The four partners of the firm have collectively run 3 billion of institutional assets throughout their career on Wall Street. We started Four Peaks Wealth Management about 5 years ago with the intent of creating an independent Investment Management firm that would implement all the best practices that the four partners learned in their collective 100 years of Wall Street experience. In addition our firm wanted to eliminate some of the conflicts of interest the partners saw in the industry and provide a fair and transparent platform for investors.
With our academic background and experience, we believed that we could effectively operate as both advisor and fund manager for our clients.
This dual role has proven to be advantageous to our clients interest and to our growth as a firm.

We are currently in the process of growing our Assets Under Management. Our goal of being on this website is simple. We would like to meet with advisors who are looking to exit from their practice and are looking for someone to buyout their book of business. Four Peaks Wealth Management has the depth, experience, education and excellence that would be a compliment to any advisor who wants to make sure they clients are well cared for once they exit their practice.

We are interested in advisors who are either wanting to slow down or are looking for a more immediate buyout solution. If either of those two options is something an advisor is interested in, we invite you to take an hour and get to know who we are. We look forward to the conversation

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