I have been assisting individuals and families for over 40 years. I started my career as an advisor working successfully with high net worth individuals and business owners. I've lectured across the country on investment and complex estate planning concepts. I have also taught the CFP preparation courses to help other planners achieve a higher level of professionalism, as well as managed, trained, and nurtured over a hundred planners for two major firm within my career.

My team is comprised of people with many years of investment and planning experience and the knowledge of where to get answers that we don't have. Our RIA practice focus on investment coaching and education; estate planning and insurance planning. Our team is fully committed to and always acts with ethics and integrity in mind. You can count on unbiased recommendations and impartial guidance. Our clients dreams are the reason we are in business. Their trust and success are the reason we stay in business.

I'm looking to build a rapport and speak with likeminded advisors who have similar core values, client culture, and care about their clients first, whom are looking to transition their business and or build a continuity plan.

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