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I provide financial planning and asset advisory services to my clients. I am a partner of a regional firm in Philadelphia and manage my own book of clients. My clients consists mainly of pre-retirees and retirees in need of financial planning and asset management. I have a very high touch client service model that utilizes multiple different technology platforms to create maximum efficiency. Clients are surveyed each year which leads to a very high client retention percentage. My specialty being a CFP is meeting with clients, discovering their needs, and creating a plan to help them reach their goals. My firm has specialists or departments in just about every aspect of finance. (401k, insurance, estate planning, business planning, employee benefits, etc.) Clients are able to get everything they need under one roof. I have clients all over the country and have built a very effective client service model for local and remote clients.

My goal is to find like minded advisers that are looking for a reliable succession partner. My current setup is a hybrid adviser. I have access to multiple platforms through my RIA. This flexibility will allow for a smooth transition. I acquired two smaller practices in years past with almost a 100% retention rate. ___

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