We are an independent fee-only RIA with no broker-dealer affiliation specializing in comprehensive financial planning with integrated services to maximize our clients success in reaching their financial and life goals. We deliver an unmatched, unique client experience tailored exclusively for high net worth clients. We are the firm sellers seek out when they elect to exit the business, but want to ensure their very best clients are delivered an experience second to none. As such, we are extremely selective in who we work with at both the advisor and client level. Our current clients pay an annual flat-fee-for-service for comprehensive financial planning regardless of the actual services rendered. We are clean, clear and transparent with a fiduciary duty to clients. We are not "Old World" financial salespeople. We are professionals that deliver an exceptionally high level of competence and service to the right client. If you have VIP clients that you want to ensure are fully taken care of upon exiting your business, we are the solution you have been seeking. There is nothing your client(s) own that we do not know how to handle and we can custody any asset if necessary. Space is limited as we only work with a small number of clients who meet our exacting standards. We will work with you to implement and carryout an effective transition plan for your very best clients.

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