We are a hybrid firm that does planning and manages money for a fee but has 401(k) plans, variable annuities and mutual fund direct which pay commissions. We are looking to buy or create continuity agreements for advisors who are looking to work less and eventually retire or just sell now.
We are a team of 5 advisors and 5 staff who work with individual clients and retirement plans and have been affiliated with a small independent BD for the past 23 years. The founder was a past President of the CT FPA chapter and financial planning has been the center of most relationships. The firm has always had a philosophy of not turning people away based on assets but focusing on solving people's needs. Most relationships have a life planning component that further strengthens the client relationship with a deep dive into determining how the client can live a fulfilled life. The client base and subsequent total number of accounts is relatively large but the firm is very technically proficient with the use of Redtail integrated with Morningstar and Albridge, Worldox Document storage, a remote sever, Money Guide Pro planning software and VOIP.
The task of managing assets has always been done internally using mutual funds and model portfolios but the firm also maintains variable annuities for about 5-10% of the client base and uses mutual funds direct for smaller ROTH and traditional IRAs. We have also employed fixed annuities and fixed indexed annuities on occasion in the past. More recently, the firm has used ETF third party money managers on the Envestnet platform. We use the Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) process to maintain over forty 401(k) and retirement plans and apply the same process to our internally managed investments.
Our commitment to technology processes allows us to serve more clients than average in a very efficient manner. We are looking to bring this efficiency to advisors looking for a continuity agreement or a new place to call home.

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