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Wealth Management Team looking to acquire / merge with practices in the Raleigh area. We are a 2 partner team with a focus on intergenerational wealth planning and business succession planning. We handle nearly all things finance and investments for a short list of clients. Recently we have taken on a new trainee FA and expanded our capacity with another assistant. We believe we could offer a senior wire house or Indy FA a competitive merge opportunity or multi year buy out/successsion plan. We know your client interests come first. Therefore we will insist on a warm transition to move your business to our firm to ensure they feel comfortable. We can accomplish anything with a plan. We understand the tax benefits of selling your business outright but feel that our options can potentially outperform your after tax take home over time. We leave in the potential for payout enhancements with optimal transition retention. We offer full benefits during the transition of which you are expected to be a part. If you run a tight ship and are considering retirement, let’s chat. 45 years of collective planning and investment management exp. Our designations include CFP, 2 CRPC, CBI, we are a warehouse broker and do not sell any of our own in house investments, insurance or annuities.

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