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The Miller – Wachtler Group is a Global Wealth Management Team with over 45 years of experience in the financial services industry. They work with High Net Worth individuals and affluent families as well as small and mid- sized businesses. As a team of Financial Advisor’s, The Miller – Wachtler Group aims to provide their clients with the intimacy and personal touch of a small, specialized financial advisory boutique, along with the vast array of products, services, and strategies of a world class investment bank.

Collectively, The Miller – Wachtler Group oversees more than $500 million dollars in client assets as of 01/01/2016. The group seeks to provide customized and goals based financial solutions to each of its clients based upon the clients risk tolerance, time horizon, liquidity needs and overall investment goals. They work closely with their clients and their other professional advisors (CPA's, Attorney's, etc.) in order to develop a complete and sound investment strategy.

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