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Our firm is a recognized as a leader in wealth management. Financial Times in 2015 recognized us in the Top 401 Retirement Advisers. We are Fiduciary Financial Advisers and in that capacity work in our client's best interest. We provide customized multi-generational wealth strategies for high-net-worth families and institutions to conserve and grow wealth through generations through three principles, namely: Estate Planning - Investment Management - Tax Planning. At our firm we are Preserving Wealth for Generations.

Our Mission is to partner with our clients and help them achieve their financial objectives - prudently and thoughtfully - through long-term relationship based on independent, trusted and knowledgeable advice. We are also deeply involved in our communities with our firm and staff supporting numerous charities including Houston Food Bank, The Aga Khan Foundation, American Diabetes Association, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center and Bright Offerings.

Many of our clients have sought us out for our proprietary investment management strategies, while others seek our help with their overall wealth management. In either case, we take the time to understand our client's needs and develop solutions.

We deploy a three pronged approach to Multi-Generational Wealth Management:

Estate Planning and Asset Protection: Deploy traditional and innovative tools like Trusts, Partnerships and Business Transitions Strategies

Investment Management: Proprietary Investment Management philosophy that focuses on low cost and high value.

Tax Planning: Planning to provide maximum after tax long term value.

As part of our growth strategy, we want to engage and create merger and succession plan with a like-minded Advisory practice. We are looking for a practice with a single or multiple advisers who are looking to merge with the ultimate goal of retiring or staying as long as they would like to creatively value add. We foresee joining forces with an adviser who wants to successfully transition clients and practice team members, see through the transition from a minimum of six months and ideally for a few years that is deemed necessary to create smooth transition that takes care of clients and staff.

We look forward to engaging in a constructive dialogue with the perspective firms.

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