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Quick Background: I have a Business Degree from University of Buffalo with double concentration in Financial Analysis and Information Systems. At 23 I was the youngest Manager in all of Wegmans 70+ stores. At 27 I moved back to Syracuse to be closer to family. Worked for Congel at Pyramid Management as a Revenue Analyst for his Commercial Properties in the Northeast. One year later I ended up selling Life Insurance and did well. From there I got my Series 6, 63, 65, and 7. I worked at Ny Life, CCO Investments(Citizens Bank), M&T Securities, and now independently with The Legend Group(Soon to be Lincoln).

Since moving independently, over the last 2 years I have been focused on Outside Business Activities. I have built both a Real Estate business and a Tax Preparation business. I have also undertaken a start-up family daycare business. However, I have reached a marketing problem and decided to put my Real Estate assets under Management, park my Real Estate license, and focus solely on Personal Tax and Finance. This is why my rolling 12 is so low. Most of my rolling 12 has been within the last few months.

I wouldn't have thought about buying or merging with someone else's book of business until I received Succession Link's emails. I believe I can be a very qualified candidate and successor for a well established Financial Advisor to consider in his/her succession planning. I am rooted in Syracuse. I am a young advisor who has plans to be in this business for the next 30 years. I am experienced. (At M&T Bank my partner and I managed approximately 100 million in assets. ) And I believe once we meet, you will feel comfortable with my knowledge of the industry.

Appreciate your time.

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