See a recent article/press release in a business magazine. We are looking for entrepreneurs that want to be a part of some thing local but have global resources. Most of our assets are managed in an asset allocation using 1940 Act funds that utilize option contracts to help mitigate large downside losses. In addition, we have an in house PM that utilizes a Bloomberg terminal and he manages an Covered Call Protective put Strategy equal weithting the S&P Components selling calls to finance the put purchase. We strive to create a cone of comfort for the clients that is defined. We run this in a SMA so the client may see the transparency. We have $50 plus million in the strategy.

'Faubourg’ translates loosely from French into ‘neighborhood,’ and it’s that neighborhood feel that Jean Paul Lagarde, David Soliman and Tyson Vanlandingham have created at their local financial advisory practice, Faubourg Private Wealth.

Whereas advisors at larger firms and banks may often sell proprietary products pushed by their higher-ups from far-away cities, Faubourg’s core principle is maintaining a fiduciary level of care - putting the financial interests of their clients above their own.

“We’re unencumbered by conflicts of interests and outside influence,” says Faubourg Co-Founder David Soliman.

Their advisors strive to provide independent, comprehensive financial planning and investment services individually tailored to their clients’ needs, looking at every column of a client’s balance sheet – assets, liabilities, insurance, estate planning – to help develop, streamline, and work towards the client’s financial goals.

Soliman and Vanlandingham stepped away from the world of investment platforms at large banks and brokerage firms a year-and-a-half ago to start Faubourg, joined shortly after by Lagarde. In just that short amount of time, the firm has grown to two locations, seven advisors, and five staff members, with more growth on the way.

It’s a versatile staff with a wide spectrum of experience – current and former Trust Officers, Private Bankers, non-profit consultants, and investment and hedge fund analysts and managers use their unique skills to handle everything from retirement planning to wealth transition, from estate planning to 401k consultations.

“Our team is what I’m most proud of,” says Co-Founder Vanlandingham.

Often, Faubourg’s advisors are experienced in more than one discipline. While Portfolio Manager Jean Paul Lagarde may focus his time on managing risk in client portfolios, he also was once heavily involved in community outreach programs and philanthropy.

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