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Interested in discussing any business relationship beneficial to me, my clients and you. I have a very nice office in Pittsford, NY w/ space to merge or add advisor. I may want to sell some of my business over the next few years and would be right there in the transition. Very loyal clients and I won't leave them or you hanging! Considering selling $10-$12 MM to a successor now, the rest in later years when closer to retirement. Prefer this to be done under the same model and RIA for continuity. I am most interested in an advisor joining our Hybrid RIA model then working on clients together as makes sense, not just a sell of clients to a different model.

Open to any business arrangement that benefits you, me and our clients! This could include anything from just sharing office space and resources to full merger of practices. Maybe something in between… Depends on what fits best. Silo practices sharing resources appeals to me.

We are fully independent, Hybrid, through national RIA and many custody options (Schwab, TD Institutional, Fidelity, NFS). Very high, TRUE payout! Low trading fees. You may have a “high payout” now, but typically AFTER platform fees, etc. not even close! Easy to compare with side by side examples. I will not be moving to your captive B/D who is also RIA so if that's your model please don't try to "recruit" me. I want RIA who is truly independent of B/D.

Call or email to set a time to talk. Feel free to set this up with our office manager, Lesa if you call office. No "covert" stuff needed, not under the thumb of any manager!

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