I am committed to helping his clients succeed by delivering the guidance, strategies and services that are needed to integrate and simplify their professional and personal financial lives.

I have been assisting individuals with their strategic goals for more than a decade. He is a well-organized and curious person with an interest in expanding his knowledge and honing his craft. Max has achieved the Chartered Retirement Plans SpecialistSM and Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® designations which provide him with the knowledge and tools to help clients articulate and advance their highest aspirations for themselves, their family and society.

I employ a goals based process that supports the principles of long-term wealth accumulation, preservation and transfer: Discovery, Control, Outcome and Risks (DCOR). In the Discovery phase, Max helps the client gather the necessary information that will enable the client to determine current financial state, their financial blind spots and if their finances are connected to their life priorities. During the Control phase, clients discuss the elements of a wealth management plan that can and cannot be influenced by client decisions and how emotions can play a role in derailing any plan. Next, Max will help define the Outcome for each client based on their individual goals, and finally, delineate the Risks for the client, personal risk vs. market risks. Max is committed to simplifying the financial lives of clients and ensuring they connect their finances to their life priorities.

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