Jentner Wealth Management is a fee-only wealth management firm serving relatively high net worth clients. With the belief that sound financial stewardship is important to promote personal success, we provide comprehensive fee-only financial planning and globally-diversified investment management. Jentner Wealth Management is a national firm serving families across the United States with headquarters in Akron, Ohio. Since our founding in 1984, Jentner Wealth Management’s success story is our clients’ ability to achieve lifelong goals through sound financial strategies. We currently have 4 CFP shareholders and an experienced support staff of 6 professional and administrative team members.

We are interested in acquiring additional practices east of the Mississippi who have a similar culture and philosophy. All of our client-facing advisors are CFP professionals (with various additional professional designations). We do not accept commissions or revenue from investment, insurance or other service providers.. We are a fiduciary to 100% of our clients 100% of the time, avoiding the conflicts of interest that arise from selling financial products. Without proprietary financial products or commissions, our advice is always what we believe to be in our clients’ best interest. The result is a holistic financial plan and a personal investment policy statement created for each client.

Our financial planning starts with an understanding of each client's goals and resources, which we use to develop holistic financial plans - a road map for achieving their goals and living their values. We work with each client to implement solutions and keep their plan up-to-date. Relationships are the foundation of our work. Because we create personal financial plans that focus on our clients’ values and passions, we develop long-lasting relationships. We listen. Then, we plan. That’s how it should be done - so that’s how we do it.

The Jentner Pro-Active Investment Strategy™ provides our clients with a plan for life-long investing. Our diversified portfolios invest in more than 10,000 companies on six continents. They are designed to deliver long-term results to give clients confidence in their investments while helping them achieve the financial control, stability, and independence they desire. We do not provide individual stock and bond management.

We have three market segments:
*Clients with > $2.000,000 investment AUM - typically owners or previous owners of family businesses: We assist with their business succession planning and post-succession planning diversification and legacy planning.
*Clients with < $2,000,000 investment AUM - typically next gen adult children of business owner clients, dual income professionals and people preparing for or in retirement: We help people achieve the financial independence the flexibility they seek.
*Institutional clients: qualified retirement plans, foundations, and endowments: We develop investment policy statements and provide on-going investment management that is in compliance with the Uniform Investment Advisers Act.

We are not interested in selling our firm or joining a national roll-up firm. We are interested in joining with like-minded CFP professionals who want to focus on growing their practice or who want to prepare for their own retirement.

If this appears to potentially be a good fit for you, please contact me.


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