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I am actively seeking an advisory position in Boston or New York and am genuinely interested in partnering with or acquiring an existing practice. After over four years with Fisher Investments, I am seeking a new opportunity to work with a more sophisticated level and local book of clientele. In my current role as a Trader, I have realized the operational side of asset management is not for me and it is time to make a move in my career. I envision that as a move back to a client focused, relationship management position, but specifically, with more affluent and complex clients at a company where I can continue to grow and call home.

During my relevant employment with Fisher Investments as an Investment Counselor, I was in the top 10% of my peer group in new client on-boarding and existing client retention for high net worth relationships. I was quickly promoted to our high AUM team where I worked with $5mm+ sized relationships. After being promoted to the Trading role, I began co-hosting Investment Roundtable events across the country representing the Portfolio Management Group. These roundtables are lunches and dinners with 15-20 clients, where a senior research host and a senior client services host answer a myriad of client questions relating to specific portfolio holdings, the economy, and the global stock market. My relevant client facing experience, be it with one client on the phone, or 20 clients around a dinner table, exemplifies that my professionalism and investment knowledge is unparalleled and would be a great addition to any advisory team.

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