I work with my father who has built a book of business over the past 30 years, and I am also building my own book of business at the same time. I have only included my book of business on my Succession Link profile information (not my father's). We are open to buying in order to grow my portion of the business if the opportunity is right and a good fit.

For the most part we are long-term, buy and hold investors with a successful after-tax track record of compounding capital. We also run investment strategies that are designed to have low correlation with the stock market to diversify for capital preservation and other special situations. Our process includes information gathering to analyze a clients financial position, then determine an appropriate asset allocation accordingly. We use separately managed accounts for the most part and mutual funds to accommodate smaller accounts.

I am a CFP® professional, and while I do help clients with financial planning topics as they come up we are not comprehensive financial planners as we mainly focus on the implementation and ongoing supervision of the investment component. Asset allocation and decisions to shift/rebalanc the allocation over time come from retirement planning scenarios that we analyze.

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