Dorion-Gray offers comprehensive planning and asset management services, directed by experienced professionals, who hope to attain your trust and confidence over time. We do more than invest money. We want to know your personal history, perspectives, and vision for the future. Only then do we approach the financial part of your life and assemble a well-rounded plan that integrates all aspects of your financial situation, from investments to insurance. Our goal is to build long lasting relationships with our clients.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to be a family and community minded company that helps support and navigate clients through life's critical events.

Value Proposition
Our clients experience a unique path to financial planning through our Total Vision Approach. The eight step process we utilize serves as touchstones to insure our commitment to you as an individual. We listen first, and then provide a personal plan and seamless service aimed at simplifying and enriching your life.

Services Offered
Financial Planning
Investment Management
Estate Planning*
Tax Planning*
Retirement Planning
Education Planning
Insurance Planning
Intergenerational Planning
Long-Term Care Planning
Social Security Analysis
Healthcare and Medicare Analysis
Retirement Benefit Analysis
Income For Life Management
Financial Plan Updates
Invitations to Educational Events
*Tax and Estate Planning Services are coordinated with the appropriate tax and legal professionals.

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6 months or more

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