$200MM AUM | $1.6MM GDC in Oakland, CA

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$200MM AUM / $1.5MM Gross Revenue / My business is very much focused on financial planning. I primarily invest my clients capital into Mutual Funds and ETFs. We are asset managers, not asset gatherers. We employ a strategic portfolio design for each of our clients and then utilize a tactical asset allocation overlay to try to minimize risk. We have approximately 160 households and 99% of my revenue generated is fee based. Our client retention rate continues to be 99% long term.

I intend to find a successor within the coming year. I then plan to continue to work with clients for at least two years, but no longer manage the business. My goal is to facilitate a successful transition for the acquirer and enjoy the relationships with our clients. I plan to retire within the period from 2022 to 2025. My goal in facilitating a transaction now is designed to make the transistion successful for my clients, our staff and the acquirer.

Ideal candidates would be a well-established firm focused on financial planning and retaining long-term client relationships, located with 25 miles of my current location.

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