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I am seeking to purchase a practice/create succession plan that shares the following model:

My clients are much more than a portfolio of assets – they are people with active lives, who seek a trusted advisor who will provide thorough and objective guidance on a full range of financial topics. When you work with me, you will be treated with respect, care and an unwavering commitment to you and your family.

For nearly 25 years, I have focused on building deep and enduring relationships with my clients and have found I work best with individuals and families who favor:

• A 360 degree view of your finances
• A multi-generational view of family
• A conservative approach to investing
• A long-range focus on achieving your goals, not beating benchmarks
• Open conversations about protecting family members once you’re gone

My clients include:

✓ Multi-generational families
✓ Individuals planning for retirement
✓ Retired corporate executives and business leaders
✓ Surviving spouses seeking guidance for themselves and their family
✓ Children of current clients
✓ Family foundations

While each client has a unique personal and professional situation, collectively they all have one thing in common: they are focused on achieving very specific financial goals, so they may secure their family’s financial future and pursue their personal passions.
Over the years, I have cultivated specialized skills in helping corporate executives, professionals and business owners effectively plan for retirement and leave a lasting legacy. I purposely focus on helping families prepare for what I call “the last man standing” scenario by helping them implement specific strategies designed to help the surviving spouse endure the loss of a loved one, both emotionally and financially.

My emphasis on education and commitment to outstanding service enables me to take the mystery out of the markets and bring a disciplined, comprehensive approach to financial planning and money management. I take pride in my ability to take confusing economic jargon and complex investment strategies and effectively communicate them using simple language and real world analogies. All too often, fear drives financial decisions, becoming a major reason why many financial plans fail. I help you go beyond the noise of the marketplace to stay focused on your goals, plans and aspirations.

As a seasoned financial professional with nearly 25 years of experience, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences with my clients, providing perspective and financial guidance as they take on new challenges. Committed to helping you grow and protect your assets, I will work to earn your trust every day, so I may proudly be recognized as a member of your financial family through every one of life’s important milestones.
While there are many ways to plan for a comfortable retirement, many individuals have neither the time nor the expertise to implement a successful retirement roadmap. For nearly 25 years, I have been helping executives, professionals and business leaders achieve their retirement goals.

Specifically, I’ll help you answer these critical questions:

• Do I have enough money to maintain my current lifestyle in retirement?
• How do I monitor my retirement assets through rapidly changing market conditions?
• When should I take Social Security?
• What’s the best way to draw down my IRA?
• How do I deal with such uncertainties as taxes, inflation and health issues?

Unlike other advisors who concentrate on growing an investment portfolio, I have extensive knowledge in helping you transition to retirement, as well as maintaining your current lifestyle once in retirement. In essence, I help you with all three phases of retirement planning:

Planning: This involves developing, implementing and monitoring a custom-tailored retirement portfolio based on your time horizon, liquidity needs and return expectations.

Transitioning: Here, we’ll work to turn your life savings into a steady stream of income aimed at lasting your lifetime. It is my job to help you navigate the complexities of Social Security, Medicare, IRA distribution rules and an array of other issues.

Maintaining: I have the tools and knowledge to help you enjoy your retirement years, while ensuring your legacy and protecting your family.

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