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Ah, so you saw my post... Welcome!!!

We are a very niched financial planning firm. We focus primarily on distribution planning and implementation of Social Security and Medicare which has served as the catalyst of our rapid growth over the past couple of years. We are NOT traders, brokers, or salesman or work for a large wire house. We are an independent planning firm that gives good advice to folks that are quickly approaching, currently at, or recently reached retirement. We charge a planning fee for that advice and/or a comprehensive financial plan in addition to our AUM. We focus our efforts on helping clients create income without work using a combination of ETF’s, stocks, and options.

We want to grow through acquisition and merger in addition to our grass roots, local marketing and seminar systems. We have lofty aspirations! Willing to purchase outright or slowly transition the current advisor or firm. Can be very flexible with the deal with a fair amount of upfront money. I am also willing to work partially at the sellers office to make transition as smooth as possible.

We are looking to purchase/merge with a firm that is of the same mind set as ours which is not only to help clients manage their portfolios and money, but more importantly to help clients feel more financial confident. It's all about helping people enjoy retirement.

We have made acquisitions in the past for different lines of business so we are familiar with what is necessary to make a transition as cleanly as possible so as NOT to disrupt the client experience. Once the acquisition terms are agreed upon we leave it up to the seller how long they wish to continue as part of the firm going forward. Again, we want this to work out favorably for both parties in the end. In order to make this all work and keep clients happy, we understand that we NEED to, and are willing to, be flexible with current sellers.

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