L&S Advisors, Inc. is a registered investment advisor (RIA) headquartered in Los Angeles and originally founded in 1979. Our firm specializes in investment advisory services for high net worth investors, as well as institutional accounts, endowments and family offices. The firm’s investment philosophy centers on risk management, capital preservation, and risk-adjusted returns for clients.

L&S is currently looking to merge its assets into a larger GIPs complaint firm who like L&S serves both the direct client and institutional client markets. A compatible firm would be a good culture fit as well. Over the last 4 years, L&S has successfully acquired/hired 4 new business groups to add to our firm. L&S has a robust and experienced back office capable of handling direct and institutional client needs as well as skilled in the challenges of integrating new books of business. With trends in the industry making it increasingly difficult for smaller firms to compete, L&S is aggressively looking to become part of a larger organization.

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