$30MM AUM | $230,000 GDC in Perrysburg, OH

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We are an RIA that specializes in the needs of 55-75 year-olds who are nearing or in retirement. While retirement income planning is the foundation of our practice, we work with multiple third party money managers, as well as a seasoned investment strategist who resides in our office, to provide sophisticated and customized money management services. Our process is an education-based planning focus, with very high client retention. We communicate with clients through weekly email newsletter, quarterly print newsletter, several client social events each year, and regular progress reviews. Consistent and high-value communication is a very high priority for us, given that most of our clients trust us with the vast majority of their life savings, at the most critical time in their financial lives.

Because of our ages (late 30s and early 40s) and tenure in the business (15+ years), we are poised to be a strong candidate to acquire a practice to allow a mature advisor to retire from their business. We're not interested in growth for growth's sake; instead, we're looking for proper philosophical and cultural alignment. We're very content to not acquire or merge, but will consider opportunities if the fit is solid.

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