If you are like us, you have spent years building a successful practice as Financial Advisors. Your clients are your friends who depend on your advice in all areas of financial, estate planning, insurance and money management. They are used to timely, superior service. You have worked diligently to take care of your clients and build a business that has value.

Innovative Investment Services was established to focus on doing right by our clients, no matter what. Sense 2007 we have accumulated approximately $375 million of client assets under our management by providing full service financial and tax planning for our clients. We are interested in helping financial advisors like yourself with the transition of their financial practices so that they can begin to shift their focus on other aspects of their life. Whether you are planning to retire or would like to find an opportunity to slowly transition to retirement by working fewer hours, we would like to explore with you how we might be able to create a mutually beneficial transition where your clients continue to receive extraordinary service, you can profit and gracefully exit the business.

We would appreciate the opportunity to learn more about your business and see if we can help, in any capacity. Please feel free to contact me at ___ or ___-___-____. We look forward to haveing a conversation!

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