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In February, we closed on an asset purchase of $40M AUA and to date (9/2018) have had a 100% retention rate. We have a systematized practice, two well trained assistants and the capacity to expand. If you have a staff member we would want to keep him or her as well. We have a long standing relationship with a bank and have all the financing ready when needed.

We primarily have a fee based asset management and planning business and we are looking to add the right people to our practice. We are not interested in joining another firm. But would be happy to acquire an independent RIA, which we would then expand. We are actively looking for the right purchase opportunity. If you are looking for Certified Financial Planners to partner with please let us know.

My business partner and I both have over 14 years of experience as financial advisers and clean U4s.

Please contact me anytime, even if you only want to learn about how our purchase went, I am happy to share our experiences and make a friend. Thank you!

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