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Virtual Home Office Provider - I replicate family office services for people who cannot afford the traditional model.

We exist to help clients in three ways:
1) By minimizing loss of wealth due to significant market downturns, due to excessive capital gains
taxes or wealth transfer taxes, as well as from the potential frivolous and/or fraudulent lawsuits
that come from being a wealth target.

2) By restoring time. Too often, professionals are hired when the metaphorical house is on fire. Often
that professional is the wrong fit and the fire gets bigger. We do our due diligence for you in an
effort to prevent the fire in the first place.

3) By providing this service with the utmost privacy and discretion. Nobody will know we have a
working relationship with you and your identifying information will not be shared with an outside l
list service – ever!

Securities America and its representatives do not provide legal advice; therefore it is important to coordinate with your legal advisor regarding your specific situation.

Has Office Space to Share in North Reading, MA

Open space to add three advisers, plus one currently open desk

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