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Hudson Peak Wealth Advisors is a New York based practice that serves the financial planning and wealth management needs of a select group of individuals, families and businesses, both locally and nationally.

Our mission is to help clients define and pursue their vision of financial success, while building financial confidence through an established process and a long-term relationship.

The vision of our practice is built around 3 core principles:
1. Client centered approach- a customized, holistic financial planning approach helps provide a view of our clients' entire financial picture along with considerations for the future.
2. Personalized Guidance-we develop a clear and understandable investment management framework that is tailored to each client's risk tolerance, goals and stage of life.
3. Individualized attention-Our team is driven by accessible and responsive staff that is solely focused on serving clients and providing an outstanding experience.

The core values of our practice apply to both our external and internal cultures:
-Clients' Interests First: unwavering placement of our clients' interests at the top of our decision making process;
-Integrity: character shows when nobody is looking;
-Professionalism: as we are a team of CFP and CIMA designation holders, we are bound to the highest level of professional standards: http://___ AND http://___;
-Partnership: our clients' passions and life goals become our own;

The goal of partnering with Succession Link, is to seek out like minded planners/advisors that provide a high level advice to their clients. Secondly, we hope to partner with advisors that are considering retirement and seek to transition their clients into a high-quality, advice driven, planning model. We have an established practice purchase process, working closely with leaders in the FP/FA-mergers & acquisition sector. Finally, we are always open to partnering with planners/advisors that may be sole practitioners and are perhaps feeling overwhelmed with regulations and other burdensome processes. Being part of a team environment, with support, all the while maintaining equity in your business is something new to many of our peers. We can provide you with this structure!

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