We are Retirement Planners and Portfolio Managers dedicated to exceptional service and outcomes for our clients. A portion of our business is also focused on advising Retirement Plans for small business owners. We are interested in speaking with practice owners who want extremely competent people to merge with; or to work with to transition their practice. We have solid processes and are adept at working with clients from other advisor's systems, but are willing to work with owners and be adaptive to figure out an ideal transition process for both owners and clients.

Our core clientele are the "millionaires next door" - $1mm to $5mm - but we also work with many HNW clients. Additionally, we have a "No Minimum" policy, believing that if someone wants help organizing and securing their financial future, they deserve exceptional advice. Our systems are built for scale so we are able to easily accommodate this policy.

As Portfolio Managers, we are largely fee based, although we have clients from books of business that remain commission based due to the wishes of the advisor and/or client. Our core portfolios rely on risk-management techniques such as Call-writing, Technical Triggers and Hedging. Our Risk-management expertise is a key differentiator but again, we recognize that our portfolios are not the answer for everybody so we are flexible.

If you are interested in creating a new future for yourself and your clients, and would like to explore what that future might look like and how you'll get there, please contact us. We'd love to discuss the possibilities with you.

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