Creating a business that will last beyond your lifetime requires a plan; a detailed and thoughtful plan that looks beyond your personal endgame strategy. Our team has performed dozens of acquisitions, which means our experience and resources will help tailor a succession strategy that fits your needs. We’ll work together to find the right succession blueprint that aligns with your business, financial goals, time horizon, and involvement preference. The best part is, 100% of our offers include tax preference to you, the seller. Our process involves three exclusive steps:

1. Plan design: Our consulting team works with you to design a customized succession and continuity plan. We’ll analyze and review your organizational and entity structures and establish a formal valuation. Then, we’ll evaluate various transition and financing strategies to enhance the value of what you’ve already built.
2. Implementation: Our businesses operate in a highly-regulated industry and we’ll work to translate the plan design into a complete document set for all elements of the transition process while maintaining compliance with SEC, FINRA, State, and firm policies and procedures. We’ll then work to put your plan into action and make your goals become reality.
3. Ongoing Support: The real work begins once the plan is created. We’ll work together to ensure clients are confident, comfortable, and fully understand your strategy as you begin to transition to the next phase of life. Our implementation guide helps clients feel included in the transition process, which has led to nearly perfect retention in our experience.

Succession planning is not a one-size-fits-all career phase. Your business is about you, your clients, your knowledge, and the relationships you’ve built. Your clients are your family, let’s make sure they continue to feel like family.

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